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                Welcome to Dongguan Anxiety Eletric Organ Co., Ltd!
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                CNC Parts


                Mainly produce precisionautomatic CNC parts, lathe copper nut, turning shaft, spindle, hex nut, handscrew, oil passage connector, hex columns, stainless steel pressure rivetingnut, charger pin, stainless steel parts, copper and other lathe parts. Tolerancecan reach +/-0.02mm, and surface roughness can reach 12.5-08um.

                Material:Aluminium , Brass, Steel, Stainless steel and other alloy.

                Process:Smooth bar, straight knurl, diamond knurl, squared, hex and horseshoe shapes.

                Finishing: Zinc, Silver, Tin, and chromeplated or others.

                Various kindsof electronic toy axles, interfix for all kinds of clips, hinge, connection ofplastic parts, wheel gear, which mainly used in furniture,appliance,communication, electronic, instrument and so on.

                Capacity:10,000,000pcs/monthwith 25 sets of automatic machines.

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              5. CNC Parts
              6. Telephone: 0769-87792456 / fax: 87189780 0769-87780802 / Email:sales01@hkbestech.com
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